Expectant Mother Gift Ideas (Plus Mother’s Day Giveaway!)

Expectant Mother Gift Ideas and New Daddy Gift Pack, too!


Is there an expectant mother in your life? Perhaps a first-time mama? Whether she is pregnant for the first or fifth time, she is sure to find these thoughtful gifts useful! Chose a few or go all out and get them all!

These are some of my favorite baby products and brands. Things I love using for myself while pregnant, during my labor & delivery, at the hospital, and with my newborn baby.  There is even a fun (and necessary) gift idea for the new Dad!

Mother’s Day giveaway at the bottom of this post featuring two winners! Read more

Christian Kids Explore – Chemistry (Full Review)

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry Review


For the last few months, we have been using the Christian Kids Explore Chemistry textbook with my oldest (grade 5). Since my son has taken quite well to working mostly independently this year (with my guidance and oversee), I was determined to make this science curriculum fit into our new style of homeschool for him. So, that is what we did. Read more

Homeschool Kindergarten The Easy Way

Homeschool Kindergarten The Easy Way


I am on my 3rd Kindergartener. The first time around, I bought several textbooks and supplements. I was strict and expected at least 1 full hour of K5 seatwork every school day from my 4-year-old. And all of it required handwriting – not exactly an easy task for a little boy! Now I am not claiming to be an expert by any means, but I have relaxed quite a bit and I don’t believe in forcing handwriting at a young age. So I have pretty much figured out how to homeschool kindergarten the easy way!

How To Homeschool Kindergarten The Easy Way

First, let’s discuss what should be “required” academics for Kindergarten (K4, K5, or K6).

In addition to character training (Bible) and life skills, these are the main things that should be considered important for a 4 to 6-year-old to be taught: Read more