Why I LOVE My Homeschool Conference & Why YOU Need To Attend One

Why I LOVE My Homeschool Conference & Why YOU Need To Attend One


There are so many reasons why I love attending our local homeschool conference. If you have never been to one, you should find one near you and make plans to go! Every state has at least one large, main homeschool conference. For us, we attend the conference that is hosted by OCEANetwork (Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network) and takes place in Oregon, since our state’s homeschool convention is too far away from where we live. Read more

The Best Educational Books From Usborne (For A Christian Homeschool)

The Best Educational Books From Usborne (For A Christian Homeschool)


Usborne Books & More is a secular company, so their books are not meant to be “Christian”. However, there are educational books from Usborne that can be used successfully in a Christian homeschool without compromising Christian values.

At first, I was kind of turned off by the secular tone in a lot of the Usborne books, but their nonfiction selection is quite amazing. I have been using a few in our homeschool and though some touch on non-Christian beliefs, they are still great resources.

Before I became an Usborne Books & More Consultant, I was often picking up educational books from Costco for my kids. I wasn’t even paying attention to the brand, just the quality. After a few years of doing this, I realized that they were Usborne Books and that I’d save myself some money if I became a consultant.

So, in 2013 ,I signed up. I have been thankful for their nonfiction books, especially the encyclopedias. They are perfect for STEM studies and pair well with our Tapestry of Grace history curriculum.

By the way, these also make awesome gifts. (Grandparents, take note! hehe) And, this is just a sampling of the many great nonfiction books! Read more

How To Plan A Great Staycation

How To Plan A Great Staycation - ste-by-step plans and ideas!


If your budget is tight this year, you may be wondering how to plan a great staycation instead of traveling.

Since becoming parents, we have only gone on two overnight vacations as a family — once to attend my Dad’s wedding in the south in 2009 (when he remarried after my Mom’s death) and once when we got a Make-A-Wish vacation for our oldest daughter in 2012 and were granted a RV rental for 1-week (and I was first pregnant and feeling sick both times!).

The other family vacations have been done in the form of “staycations”. Or in other words, by having fun at home or by visiting local attractions. Staycations are a great way to have frugal family vacations. Staycations are often more relaxing, too! Read more

Expectant Mother Gift Ideas

Expectant Mother Gift Ideas and New Daddy Gift Pack, too!


Is there an expectant mother in your life? Perhaps a first-time mama? Whether she is pregnant for the first or fifth time, she is sure to find these thoughtful gifts useful! Chose a few or go all out and get them all!

These are some of my favorite baby products and brands. Things I love using for myself while pregnant, during my labor & delivery, at the hospital, and with my newborn baby.  There is even a fun (and necessary) gift idea for the new Dad!
Read more