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For the last two years or so, Joey & I have been taking one Saturday a month and making it our date and grocery shopping day. We started while I was pregnant with #5 and it has been a huge blessing and much needed break for us!

My oldest sister graciously watches our children all day from as early as 8-10am to as late as 7pm. It is the only day each month where we can get all of our shopping done, plus have free time to do as we please. The fact that we never bring our kids to sit-down restaurants due to severe food allergies (dairy and peanut) and because of Abigail’s condition (having her vomit while others are trying to eat doesn’t seem so nice) means that we look forward to that part of our day especially. We are all about the food. Hehe.

So, what does our date day usually look like??

We usually head straight to Costco and get all of our diapers, baby wipes, toilet paper, detergents, soaps/shampoos -you get the point, and bulk food items (which mostly consist of just organic eggs lately, but we will get flour and other foods when Costco carries organic). It takes us about a hour or so there, depending on how much window shopping we do.

This month, we started our day by picking up a Bountiful Baskets order of fresh produce & organic olive oil, then we went to Walmart to look for some birthday gifts since we have two kids with birthdays this month.

After Costco we go out to lunch. We used to always choose one of a few favorite places to eat, but over the last few months we have tried to venture away from the “norm” and try new places. We enjoy eating together so much, it’s totally the highlight of our day. This month, we tried a place that served Italian street food! It was so delicious and we look forward to going back.

Seriously though, cooking/eating and trying new foods is one of our favorite things to do together. Joey drives a truck locally for work and drives all over the area, so he is always seeing new places he wants to try eating at on our date day. It is pretty darn fun!

After stuffing ourselves silly, we meander over to Fred Meyer/Walmart and load up on all of our groceries. We buy a months worth of everything that will stay good that long. Sometimes we take the time to browse through Whole Foods as well (usually before going to Freddy’s since it is on the other end of the county). Then we stop at home, unload it all and put everything away where it belongs. Then we eat out again! Most of the time, we just go for frozen yogurt or just order an appetizer from a sit-down restaurant.

Keep in mind, that we do a lot of driving on these days. Our babysitter lives about 30 minutes north of us, then we drive 45+ minutes from her house to where Costco and most restaurants are. We end with Fred Meyer since it is back in the town we live in. Then the almost 60-minute round-trip in the evening to pick up our kids. It is always a productive, yet relaxing day and we so enjoy it!

I think making time to be alone with your spouse in the form of a date away from the kids and home is important. Once a month out of the house is what works for us, but we also try to have several nights a week where we are devoted to spending time together after the kids are in bed.

Sometimes our date nights at home include food, watching a show/movie, or just talking. Our kids think every night is a “date night” at our house! They know mom & dad need time to just “be” with each other and I think it’s a great example of how we are best friends, despite the fact that we do not have a perfect marriage! It really helps me to keep my sanity to have a set date to look forward to each month and to know that most evenings are set aside for “us” time.

How do you squeeze quality time/dates into your busy life? Do you have dates weekly or monthly with your man? Share your date ideas!

4 thoughts on “Date Day + Grocery Shopping

  1. I am happy you are able to enjoy your date days each month! Sadly Leon and I haven't been real good in that area. We do go get groceries each week together but its always just a rush on a weekday evening.(with Liberty coming along alot of the time) I think it is really good for married couples to put time aside for eachother. For me, because I don't have little ones anymore I will seem to think we don't "need" the time as much …but we still do. Hopefully we can improve in this area!

  2. Lately for us our time alone consists of running to the grocery store with all the kids in tow and then leave them in the car with Kimberly.Doesn't seem like much but I always feel so bad as I have teens who need to get out too! They come in with us on big shopping days…Yesterday we went to town just to browse the local tourist shops. I have found that getting out even if they are with us is fun and relaxing…my favorite thing to do is go for a walk to relax.That's what Mike and I did yesterday(Sunday). It was warm and sunny. Snowing this morning though. ๐Ÿ™‚

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