Lilla Rose Black Friday Sale and work-from-home Opportunity!

3 DAY “Black Friday” SALE
For Customers & Guests
20%-50% Off Everything
(including all 2014 Flexi of the Month clips at 20% off, limited supply)!
Plus Free Shipping on Orders over $50
Starting Friday November 28th at 12AM
Sale ends Sunday November 30th at midnight
I love the January, July, and December flexi of the month! I’ll take one of each in an extra small, please! 😉
I am excited to announce that Lilla Rose is having a crazy good Black Friday sale! If you see something you love, order it ASAP, because the limited stock sells out VERY quickly (within hours). Get something for yourself and Christmas shop for the ladies in your life, too! You will not want to miss it! Remember, all new US Customers get my Buy 3, Get 1 FREE deal (up to $16 value, free item must be from regular stock)! Shop Now!


Don’t forget, we also have elegant name badge clips for those who wear name badges for work!


Now is a great time to sign up as an Independent Lilla Rose Consultant and make some extra money selling a product you love! I have really enjoyed selling Lilla Rose products and would love to have you join my team. This can be a very part-time “job” or a full-time job if you’d like. It is up to you! I mostly signed up to be a consultant because I wanted to get Flexi Clips, Bobby Pins, etc. at a discounted price and though I thought it would be neat to be able to work it as a small part-time business, I never imagined it’d be possible for me! I am mostly housebound, so working online is my only option. I do it very part-time and only sell online, but it has still been a very rewarding experience! Some ladies make a decent income by doing events/shows every weekend at craft fairs or bazaars, etc. We have a very generous compensation plan, a great team/network of ladies, and a ton of support! I have enjoyed working with this company and would recommend it to anyone wanting to work from home! But, only if you love the product yourself, as I am a firm believer in only promoting/selling what I truly love myself. This applies to Lilla Rose, as well (see below). If you love Lilla Rose products and know of a few potential customers, consider signing up to become a consultant and have them buy from YOU! If you have any questions, please ask away! I am happy to answer them!

My favorite things about working with Lilla Rose is that I get to add to my Flexi Clip addiction obsession collection at a discounted price (lol, actually I got most of what I have for free or half-off from my own party!), I am part of a huge group of amazing ladies, my personalized website is FREE, I only need to sale $29/yearly to stay an active consultant, and I can work it very part-time from my own home and still make a little extra money each month! The more hours you put into the business, the more success you will see. Find more info on my Lilla Rose website.

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