How To Simplify Meal Planning

I have never been the type to plan up a month’s worth of meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I just cannot determine the exact foods we will be eating at every single meal. I work in a different way. I do plan meals for the month, but in more of a general and simpler way.

How To Simplify Meal Planning

I have a Master Grocery List that rarely changes and I stick to it, month after month. However, the ingredients I bring into my home every month are quite versatile, simple though they may be. Because of the simplicity of my Master Grocery List, I am able to have a Simple Menu Plan on which to build our meals. Though, I have a general idea of what we’ll be eating each day, it is easy to change things as needed as long as I have my main ingredients on hand.

Routine and flexibility play a huge role in keeping our home running, and that includes meal planning! I am sharing how I keep meal planning simple, yet interesting over at Mama Goes Frugal. I’d love for you to join me over there!

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  1. We plan supper meals ahead, but do not choose the meal for the day until that morning. Works great for us, though I am considering doing a more planned breakfast & lunch menu too.

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