Simple Ways To Make Meals Easier

Life is so busy as a mom, homemaker, and wife! I hardly have time to think most days, let alone plan breakfast and lunch in addition to dinner!

I have found a few simple ways to make meals easier. They are simple, but I thought some of you may appreciate knowing how our family of nine operates.


Take time to prepare for the week ahead – on the weekend, I make a big crock pot of pinto beans. We store these in the fridge and use them for homemade burritos throughout the week. Depending on what kind of foods your family likes, you can do the same! Meat broth, chicken breasts, all types of beans, etc. are things that can be slow cooked in bulk to be used throughout the week ahead.

Take time to prepare for the next day – every evening I make a batch of hard boiled eggs to be eaten the next day. Often they are eaten for breakfast, but sometimes saved for lunch. We eat them plain, topped with mustard, sprinkled with salt & pepper, or as egg salad for lunch. Add fruit and toast and you have a great breakfast!

Keep things simple – it may not be Pinterest-worthy, but we keep breakfast and lunch very simple here! We often eat meat, cheese, and dried fruit for lunch on days that we don’t eat homemade bean burritos. Another quick & easy breakfast is oatmeal. We rotate oatmeal with fruit/toast to have along with the hard boiled eggs.

Stock Up – on the things you KNOW your kids love. A big bag of carrots, apples, dried seaweed, and almonds are things our kids love, so we keep them in bulk for them to grab as snacks. Having just a few favorites on hand makes more sense than several things that may or may not get eaten.

How do you keep meal time easy?

2 thoughts on “Simple Ways To Make Meals Easier

    1. We get it from Costco near the canned foods, rice, beans, etc. My kids love it and Joey likes it, but I do not. It is fishy to me, but I never actually tasted it… Just smelled it! The kids say its just salty. It's healthy, though!

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