Old Fashioned Housewife In Real Life

Old Fashioned Housewife In Real Life Why You Should Be A1950's Housewife


This might be a controversial topic, but I really hope it’s not. I hope you can see my heart’s thoughts on the matter.

It’s been on my mind a lot lately and I have been reading some blogs about the old fashioned housewife. I long for the days when an old fashioned housewife was esteemed as important!

Being a wife in charge of her household is truly a worthy calling, but also a legitimate career! Nowadays, when a woman chooses to “stay home”, she is often ridiculed or devalued.

Being a housewife and homemaker is important work! There does seem to be a push in the last few years for acknowledging that again, but it seems like a slow-moving one.

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An Old Fashioned Housewife

Before the World Wars, most married women were housewives and homemakers. It was a respected and expected vocation.

The majority of women were not only satisfied and content to be so but also empowered and fulfilled in their roles as managers of their homes, lovers of their husbands, and mothers of their children.

When the wars happened and the men were called away to serve, women had to take over a lot of the work and jobs the men left behind. They were serving the country in their own outstanding way and I admire them for it.

However, when the men came home, they had a hard time giving up their newfound “freedom” and/or contribution to the workforce. They forgot that their first duty and calling was even more important than earning an income.

They believed the enemy’s lie that worldly gain is better than spiritual gain. That human recognization matters more than God’s perfect plan.

I think that is why so many T.V. shows from the 1950’s were focused on faithful housewives, homemakers, and mothers. They wanted to encourage women to return to their biblical roles.

I am not saying that those T.V. shows depicted it all perfectly, but they did try to capture an ideal family setting. Nowadays, it’s considered a bad thing to be too much like June Cleaver.

Marriage and the family are ordained and set apart by God as examples and extensions of His relationship with us. Disfiguring that, breaking that, eliminating that is exactly what the enemy of our souls would love to see happen.

Housewives are a vital part of God’s plan for families. Christians, especially, should realize this and suppress their flesh’s desire to rebel against God’s plan.

There are exceptions, of course. But, generally speaking, when each spouse is doing his/her part, a housewife will not need to work outside of the home.

She should also not be choosing to volunteer so much of herself to “causes” or other things that are simply fulfilling her flesh’s desire to please man. We should embrace the beautiful tasks God has placed before us.

Being a housewife and homemaker can encompass so many things. It is a full-time job.

Earning money from home is not a sin and is something I strive to do with this blog. However, it should come second after husband, children, and home.

Specifically, and ideally, a housewife will not be so busy as to neglect her husband, children, or home. Regardless of whether it’s a job, hobby, or good cause that is taking her time.

Plus, there are so many ways an old-fashioned housewife contributed to the finances! Being frugal-minded, being a DIYer, cooking from scratch, and being a homesteader are all ways we modern housewives can be more like the housewives of days gone by.

I appreciate, admire – and can relate to – the 1950’s housewives. They faced similar issues and ridicule that we do now and also had some of the modern conveniences we have now.

It wasn’t popular, but they embraced it and made the best of it. Plus, they were tastefully feminine and modest while doing it.

I kind of want to read A 1950’s Housewife just to see what it was really like back then. It’s written by a real 1950’s housewife.

So, let’s revive the old fashioned housewife! Let’s learn from the strong women who held tight to their roles, combine it with modern conveniences, and top it off with biblical truths!

26 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Housewife In Real Life

  1. Another big reason our govt. encouraged women to work was so that they could tax the other half of the population. Terrible taxes!!

  2. I LOVE this post! It is exactly how I feel and what I strive to be to my family! Thank you for taking the time to write this!

  3. so needed this reminder today! I think it’s vitally important for moms to be at home, but society makes it so hard. My husband has been out on Workman’s Comp for two years now and I’ve struggled with going outside the home to work or not. I just keep coming back to how the family will change and I keep trying not to. Thank you for the encouragement today!

    1. Praying you will know the right thing to do (whatever that may be!) and that you will have peace about your decision!

  4. I strive for this for my family. My husband works very hard outside to make it financially possible for our family to have this lifestyle. I feel it is what is best for our family and society would greatly be benefit if more families followed your advise. I enjoyed reading your post and hope others will value it as much as I did. Blessings!

  5. While I understand where your comming from and think that being a housewife is a wonderful calling, I disagree that this is Gods calling for all women. Jesus himself never said a women’s purspose was to be a homemaker but as his followers we are to love others. Paul speaks that it is possibly a greater calling to be single for God. So while this role is so important and special, it isn’t the only ‘godly’ roll for a women. I think God calls us all into different rolls and lives and it’s by listening to him we find out where our purpose lies.

    Sorry I just had to write my two cents and I really don’t mean this negatively

    1. My article is addressed to married women, not single women. Those are two completely different roles. The Bible says that a married woman will care about her husband and how she can please him while the single woman will care about God and how she can please Him. I never said that single women are not valued! I do believe that God calls women into different roles (married, single, mother, childless, etc.). However, I do firmly believe that if God gives a woman a husband, then He HAS called her to be a homemaker/housewife first & foremost and if God gives her a child then He HAS called her to be a mother second to being a wife. Those roles come before being anything else but do not necessarily rule out having a career, etc. It is a matter of priorities. I have personally found that if I try to take too much time away from my marriage and family to pursue my career (I do work from home), then my marriage and family suffer. That is not good. So, you can see why I wrote this article to encourage the stay-at-home wife and mom (including myself). God bless.

  6. This is a great post! It would be nice to go back to the days women didnt mind working in the homes and taking care of the family and being a devoted wife. Unfortunatly, in todays society it takes two to make ends meet. What I hate seeing are the wives/mothers that do not work yet still will not take care of the house hold duties while claiming its half the husbands job even after hes had a long days work.

  7. As a Christian woman who raised a family in the 50’s and 60’s, (still happily married to the same man!) it was not all it was cracked up to be for the husband or wife. There were no choices for either party, both were relegated, and did not/could not question their roles in society. There was no help from my husband, and most husbands in general. My husband NEVER changed a diaper, did a load of laundry, washed a dish, or went the the grocery store. Remember, women really were still thought of as the weaker sex, not really having minds or opinions that mattered. Roles were strict, the wife had hers and the husband had his; these roles did not cross boundaries. Today we have the benefit of hindsight, my husband commented how much he wished he had been more involved as a father because he sees our son-in-laws pitching in to do their part in raising families, and the absolute joy he gets from caring for our grandchildren. In our day, husbands did not show much emotion, and were expected to work, period. They did not leave early to attend baseball games, or dance recitals. Remember ladies, looking back sounds so romantic, but today is the day the Lord has blessed us with! When we see the blessings of our lives and choose to live them the best we can today, God is truly smiling on us. Support each other as women. If you are a stay at home mom and know a working mom that could use support, offer it. If you are a working mom, and you know a stay at home mom that could use support, offer it. Support can be an ear to listen, a cup of coffee to chat over, maybe ice cream in the back yard for the kids, while moms chat. THIS IS GOD’s desire, for us to love each other in the day we are given. Women today are amazing, strong, and the heart of their homes whether they work at home or out of the home. The blessing is we as MEN AND WOMEN have choice. Pray for God’s guidance, make the best choice for your family for today and know all things will work out for good. Remember too, that everyone has a God given journey and is not ours to judge. Grace and peace to you all.

    1. Of course, things were not perfect in the 50’s. The danger now is in going to the opposite extreme. Thank you for your comment.

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