Clarissa R. West

<— That’s (a blurry picture of) me – drinking coffee and exploring our local homeschool conference with my best friend (aka husband) while working as a blogger slash social media promoter. I think this picture sums me up pretty well. My passions include being a housewife, homeschool mom, homemaker, coffee drinker, blogger/social media promoter, & wannabe homesteader!

“counting our blessings, seeking joy, and finding strength in Jesus to get through the temporal things because of hope in the eternal things” (2 Corinthians 4)

You’ll find practical tips & encouragement for life — marriage, homeschooling, homemaking, simplifying, thriving with medical/special needs children, & living with grief … from a mama like you who is just doing her best and praying it’s blessed.

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Email: clarissarwest@msn.com

More About Clarissa

I am a (thankful) follower of Jesus Christ, (old-fashioned) housewife/homemaker, (eclectic) homeschool mom to 7 young children plus (grieving) mom of 1 child in Heaven, & farm girl from my roots.

I am an entrepreneur-minded work-from-home-mom as an Online Influencer, Independent Stylist for Lilla Rose, Independent Consultant for Usborne Books & More, and an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant.

I love seeing how God works in our life, at-home date nights with my husband, learning as I teach my kids, down-to-earth-real mamas (you!), books, & writing.

We live in a small house in a big town in the Pacific Northwest, near where I was raised on a commercial farm. We dream of owning our own small homestead in the country someday!

I am blessed beyond comprehension, but life has not turned out the way I dreamed it would be! I lost my mom to cancer when I was 21, many of our children have food allergies & medical/special needs from mitochondrial disorders & immune deficiencies, our 5th child died 88-minutes after his birth in 2011, & I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Sarcoidosis in 2012.

Through it all, I have been led to the feet of Jesus where He has faithfully reminded me of my blessings & wiped away my tears, brought joy & purpose to my life, & given me new strength to stand… over & over again. I pray my life story, as it unfolds before me, is glorifying to God and an inspiration to even one person!

Meet the West Family —

Elijah – 2011
88 minutes on Earth,
Eternity with Jesus,
Forever in our Hearts!