I am a blessed mama!

{This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure/disclaimer for more info.} As the cashier slid the 4 bottles of clear, unflavored Pedialyte across the scanner, she said, “That’s a lot of Pedialyte, is someone sick?”. “Uh… not really. I have a daughter with special needs… she has a feeding tube and needsRead more


I never called my Mom “mama”… but since she has been gone, it is often the way I refer to her in my mind. It seems to fit. And, although I have two other wonderful mother-figures in my life (Lori & Sue), no one can replace my Mama. Honestly, no words can give justice toRead more

Christian Love

We are being blessed by some wonderful Christian people who are loving us in true Christian fashion. Without knowing us personally, they are giving to us simply because they know we are in need. Just knowing that there ARE people who care and want to help in whatever way they can… well, that does aRead more